It takes up and releases humidity rapidly. Contrary to what many people claim today, the production of banana silk is not a new trade, as evidence exists which suggests that people in Japan were harvesting and processing banana fibers as early as the 13th century. Methods of producing this plant-derived silk vary in different parts of the world. The result of these steps is a silky yarn that is suitable for dyeing, skeining, and refining to prepare for rug making. This area rug. Therefore, the artisans use it for home furnishings or carpets. Additionally, it is quite light. Therefore, it’s unlike polyester, nylon, wool, or cotton. Another method is simply stripping the individual fibers with a knife. Nowadays, there are also ways of machine production. Banana plants include more than just the fruit we are familiar with. This process is done mechanically so that pieces can be removed and softened before going through a process of bleaching and drying. Apr 22, 2013 - These are patterns I have selected from around the internet to inspire anyone who is struggling to know what to make with Sari Silk or Banana Silk Yarns. The fibers are then dried organically and braided into a yarn. These rugs are blends of “regenerative cellulose” (wood pulp fibers and cotton by products) and chemicals. Not only does this create an attractive product, but the fibers themselves are incredibly strong. Therefore, it’s unlike polyester, nylon, wool, or cotton. What’s simple but never boring? The fiber is bio-degradable. 306 East 61st Street, 7th Floor However, there is another kind which falls somewhere in between. With the proper maintenance tailored to the needs of each material, bamboo silk and traditional silk will both last 50+ years. Later, they are bleached and dried. It’s simple to choose a rug based on look alone, but a truly remarkable product can be achieved when using quality material like banana silk. There are several ways to harvest the fiber of the Abaca plant. Japan and Nepal are a couple of locations around the world that have a tradition of producing banana silk rugs. 170 x 230 / 200 x Bamboo silk area rugs can be placed anywhere in your home and can withstand heavy furniture and foot traffic. As these people are very precise and thorough, the process of making banana silk begins on the field. So, it is a recovered fiber. View Our Collection Of : Antique Silk Rugs | Modern Vintage Silk Persian Rugs. The Expression Collection by Safavieh, is a new line of banana silk area rugs in tone-on-tone mod colors and a silky soft feel underfoot. Flux Colored Arcs Gamma fractured stripe NEW! Azad Banana Silk Area Rug - This Grey rug is an excellent choice for your room. Bashian radiance collection WZ hand loomed 100% banana silk area rug, 2.6' x 8', Oyster by Bashian 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings Price: $191.71 & FREE Shipping. Its fibers are extremely strong and exhibit low elongation. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a rug, it should, in my opinion, last more than a few years, or one spill or two. People have used this yarn for centuries. Textured detail of banana silk and highland Tibetan wool materials compose an organic vine pattern on this contemporary rug hand -knotted in Nepal. Their method of caring for the plants ensures that the yarn is incredibly soft, with traditions that date back all the way to the 13th century. Modern Silver Gray Hand Knotted Banana Silk Rug N11343 11'3" × 16'4" $ 20,200 Minimalistic in design, this hand-knotted modern grey rug is brilliant in its simplicity. It served as a basis of high-quality textiles. Banana silk rugs are delicate and need specific water temperature for cleaning. Banana silk rug has gained popularity because of its affordability, silk like lustre and strength. Rug on the bias NEW! Moreover, one could use chemical extraction as a method, but this would undermine its very economic value, as it would diminish the Green quality which is the source of the demand for it. It takes the plant between 18 to 24 months to mature, at which point it may have 12-30 stalks, each 12-20 ft tall. It is basically paper. Our company can remove all sorts of stains from your rug. When most people think of rugs, they are familiar with a composition of either natural or synthetic materials. Especially when they are implying that it’s real silk and not fake by giving it misleading names like bamboo silk, banana silk, manmade silk, and art silk. Banana silk rugs are rugs that were woven using a material that can be taken from the shoots or trunk of the banana plant. Banana Silk Handwoven Rug_Long Pile Sagi:Gold 4,800.00 INR 8,800.00 INR Size 140X200 CMS 170X240 CMS Material 80% BANANA SILK 20% COTTON Color BEIGE SKU: GBL001 Ask … Viscose/cotton. In Moreover, it is considered eco-friendly. bamboo ombré (thick pile) deep ombré NEW! The fiber is derived from the stems (or psuedostems) and stalks of a species of banana plant, called “abaca” and named “Musa Textilis,” which bears inedible fruit. Not only is the production of this textile toxic for the environment, it makes incredibly WEAK fibers. Without a doubt, banana fiber is a rising commodity with the potential to do both economic and environmental wonders. They take good care of the plants to ensure their softness. Are you familiar with banana silk rugs? Moreover, it is considered eco-friendly. The Japanese have been growing banana for fabric since the 13th century. Nepalese women conduct the refining, skeining and dyeing. New York, NY 10065, Antique RugsTel: (212) 586-5511Email:, New & Custom RugsTel: (212) 752-7623Email: The fiber is bio-degradable. Emphasizing color and texture, this luxurious solid-blue rug is hand-loomed of banana silk, which feels soft underfoot while displaying a lustrous sheen. The yarn is perfect for absorbing moisture. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: basic site For sheer luxury and appearance, this beautiful banana silk rug feels like the softest of velvets.100% Banana SilkCa. Harvesting the fibers of the banana plant to make silk. Discover why many others prefer to shop with RugStudio Design may vary by size. The base material is treated so that it becomes a paste. The distinguishing factor is natural banana silk used for the production of this carpet in NYC . Banana Silk Dyeing: At times, banana silk can also be dyed to create the natural wool color; this is also done through natural means, vegetables in this case. Although the harvesting process itself begins mechanically, the Nepalese women traditionally use the banana silk to create rugs by hand so that the final product is high-end artistry.