Owners seem to enjoy them, though, and with Toyota’s well-proven 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain (as seen under the bonnet of every 500,000-mile Uber Prius in London) it should at least be reliable and efficient. Vehicle make and model is subject based upon location and availability. Toyota claims average fuel economy of 74.3mpg. The Jazz Hybrid used the same IMA powertrain as the Insight and Civic above: a 1.3-litre engine with a 13bhp electric motor. But you do have to choose carefully. It uses the same powertrain as the Prius: a 98bhp 1.8-litre petrol engine coupled with an electric motor that draw power from a battery pack. Unlike the European Civics of this era, the Hybrid was based on the Japanese-built saloon. On electric power alone, the cars will cover about 40 miles, but this varies depending on weather conditions and your driving style. Check out our extensive GetUpside review. Toyota Corolla. Cheapest hybrid cars 2021. For a start, all Hyundai and Kia models use a six-speed DCT gearbox as part of the powertrain, rather than a whiny CVT; this makes them much, much nicer to drive. If you adopt a relaxed driving style, the CVT gearbox even manages to be quite smooth and quiet. The powertrain is essentially the same as in the Toyota Prius: a 1.8-litre petrol engine and an electric motor, fed by a battery pack in the floor and managed by a CVT gearbox. The Niro successfully mixes SUV styling with a hybrid powertrain to make for a pretty accomplished car – if not an exciting one. That'll change in 2020 when the new Honda Jazz Hybrid mentioned above comes out, but until then the Yaris is in a class of one. You can read about the current, updated version of the Ioniq Hybrid here. Up until 2015, Honda offered a hybrid model of its Jazz supermini in the UK, which you can now buy used from around £5,000. If you want to ‘go green’ but don’t want to shout about it, the discreet-looking Ioniq is a good way to go. Even considering the lowest-priced hybrids you can buy, there are many, many cheaper cars available—but if you must have a hybrid, these are the ten cheapest ones on sale in … The battery pack, if it has enough charge, allows for silent stop-start driving and occasional electric-only running. We compare hybrid cars from Toyota to Lexus to reveal the best hybrid cars … 1. Read our Lexus UX hybrid review View Leasing Offers. Try one of our best used hybrid cars for 2021. by: Sam Naylor. 9. Similar make and models include the following: Ford C-Max Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Buick Lacrosse Hybrid, Kia Optima Hybrid and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid The RX 400h was Lexus’ second RX model and the first to be available as a hybrid. All prices listed below include the manufacturers’ destination fees. It’s definitely eye catching – it has hidden door handles and a faux-coupe roofline, but those do limit practicality for families. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Here, you can see how you can save extensive money when fueling up without changing any of your regular habits! We’ve rounded up the cheapest hybrid cars on sale in this list, for those who want to make the change but don’t have the largest budgets. Here are the 10 best on the market right now. Bei technisch aufwendigen Plug-in Hybriden zahlt man mehr als für einen gewöhnlichen Hybrid. Better yet, the latest models now have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can bypass the brand’s dire infotainment system. In fact, with fuel economy often rivalling a diesel but with fewer complex exhaust treatment systems, a hybrid’s an ideal choice if you tend to do shorter journeys. Make sure to read our full Mk3 Prius used buying guide. Get past the divisive styling and the Kona Hybrid makes a decent case for itself as a bargain-priced hybrid car. With the potential to get up to 62.7mpg, the Toyota Corolla is economical, enjoyable to drive and has a comfortable interior. The Yaris is currently the only supermini on sale to offer a hybrid engine option. Coming in right behind the Prius is the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, easily one of the best cheap hybrid cars you can buy. Price: $37,900. See how the 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid & 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid compare with the rest. Used, they start from just under £12,000. And the powertrain? Other than this, the Ioniq Plug-in is virtually identical to the regular Ioniq – so it’s a discreet little car with enough space inside for a small family. The Chevrolet Volt and Vauxhall Ampera are basically the same model, both built by General Motors. If you’re looking for a car that will tow a caravan safely and reliably, buying used can save you a fortune. The country’s cheapest plug-in just about sneaks onto this list. Honda followed that up with a more conventional and practical Mk2 version in 2009. No wonder it’s the darling of so many Uber drivers – in fact, it’s so popular that a special Business Edition trim level is aimed at the trade. The Ioniq is Hyundai’s first purpose-designed electrified car and comes in three guises: hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric. The Yaris Hybrid starts at around £7,000 in the classifieds. In fact, its current iteration is pretty awful, with a rubbish interior, an awkward driving position and slightly less street cred than a mobility scooter. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with a fully electric car, or your budget doesn’t stretch that far, but you still want 'greener' everyday motoring, there is an answer: a cheap used hybrid car. Book a full-size hybrid vehicle, including the Toyota Prius or similar car rental with Budget. We’ve also sorted them by list price only – finance packages are available, though, and depending on your circumstances these could easily sway your decision. Cheaper than a Prius, the Ioniq offers practicality, efficiency and a sleek design. Full-Size Hybrid Rental Options From Budget Vehicle Features. It’s a compromised car, though: while it's spacious, stylish and quiet around town, it becomes raucous and uncomfortable at higher speeds. Ultimately, though, it’s not as efficient or large as the cheaper Prius. 3 Bags (2 small & 1 large) What is a hybrid car? Honda recently announced that the all-new Jazz for 2020 would be hybrid-only in Europe: you can read more about that car here. By combining electric motors and internal-combustion engines, hybrids give you a taste of the electric-car life without the need to worry about range. In 2012, Toyota launched a plug-in hybrid version of this Prius with a pure-electric range of 14 miles. Our main gripe is the CVT gearbox. 20. Around town, it’s nigh-on perfect. Cheaper than a Prius, the Ioniq offers practicality, efficiency and a sleek design. Hybrid cars are specifically designed to be highly fuel-efficient. Sales: 8:30am-7pm • Sales: 855-603-2992 | We Are Located at 345 Goodpasture Island Rd, Eugene, OR 97401. The net result is that this model feels great to drive and looks the part, too. Read our Toyota Yaris Hybrid review View Leasing Offers. We won’t pretend to like the Yaris Hybrid. Unlike a Prius, the Insight doesn’t allow for electric-only driving. The plug-in hybrid version uses the same engine and motor but gets an 8.9kWh battery to give it a range of 39 miles in pure-electric mode. OK, the Honda Insight beat the Prius to market, but it’s Toyota’s icon that’s the first thought on anybody’s lips as soon as you say ‘Hybrid’. We’re not including so-called mild hybrids, which tend to offer fewer benefits. Used Insight Mk2s can now be bought from £3,000 and you can read our full used buying guide here. GM insists that the Volt and Ampera are't plug-in hybrids, but range extenders. Make sure you read our full Lexus CT 200h used buying guide. A new model’s on the way but it won’t be here for a while. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, These are the best cheap hybrid cars on sale. A read of owner reviews shows the car is well liked, with few reported problems. Based on a saloon, and with an upgraded IMA hybrid powertrain, the Insight had the same setup as the Civic above: a 97bhp 1.3-litre petrol engine with a 13bhp electric motor. The hybrid model was the first to arrive and uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine with an electric motor to give 139bhp. It sits between the Stonic and Sportage in size, so there’s plenty of room for a family and all their gubbins inside. Nissan Rogue Hybrid – $28,645. It’s quite a good handler, too, so if you can get over the CVT automatic you might be pleasantly surprised at how the UX drives. And if you do a lot of short trips, an EV will save you more money overall – while stumping up the extra cash for a plug-in hybrid could save you during the week as you drive around on electric power alone. Since that time there have been a few changes. The best hybrid cars for 2021 in the UK 2019 Toyota Corolla front three quarter 2020 Mercedes-Benz E 300 de 2020 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid 2020 Honda CR-V 2020 Volvo XC90 T8 2020 Volkswagen Passat GTE 2019 Honda NSX front dynamic 2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid rear charging 2019 Toyota RAV4 front three quarter static 2020 BMW 3 Series 330e The original. The plug-in hybrid version uses the same engine and … At the time of its launch, it was undoubtedly one of the world’s most sophisticated cars – an SUV that was fast, ‘green’ and luxurious. Best small hybrid cars. Honda’s first Insight was launched in 1999 and its sci-fi looks and space-age powertrain made even the Toyota Prius look normal. Hybrids are already growing rapidly in popularity and these are the ten highest rated cars you can buy in showrooms today, according to the expert road test team at What Car?. Offering three different drivetrains, the Ioniq hybrid is the only Ioniq offering from Hyundai with a gas engine. The Toyota Prius. Used, they start from just under £12,000. Its battery pack can even manage a few miles of electric-only driving. 845898), Cheapest hybrid cars: our guide to the best-value petrol-electric cars of 2020, Cheapest hybrid cars: how to buy a good value hybrid in 2020, Plumping for a hybrid car needn't cost the Earth, Toyota Prius: the original hybrid is still great value, Toyota Yaris Hybrid: the cheapest full hybrid petrol-electric car on sale in 2020, How does a hybrid car work? They provide some benefits – including reduced running costs and the possibility of a few miles of silent electric running around town – but can be treated just like a normal petrol or diesel car, as most of them charge themselves up on the move. In its second year Hyundai threw down the gauntlet with the 2018 Ioniq hybrid. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Its 100bhp 1.5-litre engine and electric motor combination is responsive and even allows for short periods of electric-only driving. At low speeds, the CT 200h can even drive on purely electric power for short distances. Used, you can now buy one from £2,500, or if your budget can stretch further, check out our buying guide for the third-generation model. 5.99 Lakh, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Rs. This Toyota Auris had been around in petrol and diesel form since 2010, but it was designed to be a hybrid from the outset, so there’s no loss of space in the boot due to the battery. A car that needs no introduction, it’s probably the most well-known hybrid in the world. The best electric cars you can buy in 2020. The Auris starts at just over £4,000 used; you can read our full review here. Check out a list of best Hybrid Cars in India. Instead, the electric motor is used to assist the petrol engine. Everyone from Toyota to Porsche sells hybrid cars these days, but which models should you consider and which should you avoid? Its engine is a 1.3-litre petrol paired with a 20bhp electric motor – the same as used in the previous Civic IMA. 2020 Mini Countryman Plug-In Hybrid. The 2020 Harrier Hybrid comes with Toyota’s Safety Sense Package, which includes the normal range of safety systems that ensure you stay in your lane. Hybrid cars give you the best of both worlds: some zero-emission driving, as well as greater range for longer journeys. Kendall Budget Sales is your Eugene used hybrid car dealership serving the Springfield area. ► Not all hybrids are hyper-expensive ► Electrified mobility from £18,745 ► But are any of them worth the cash? Here is our pick of the best hybrid cars for 2020. And not everybody is capable of charging one, either – if you don’t have a driveway or easy access to a fast charging station, you can wave goodbye to those all-electric dreams. Price range: From £19,340. Should you still buy a diesel car in 2020? The sort of school run or just-nipping-to-the-shops trips that can leave a diesel needing expensive regeneration of its particulate filters are easily shrugged off by the naturally-aspirated petrol engines utilised in hybrids. In reinventing the miserable old Auris as the Corolla, Toyota called in the big guns from the chassis and styling departments. There are two parts to the test: an 'urban' cycle designed to reflect driving in a city environment with many stops and starts and an 'extra-urban' cycle designed to mirror more steady state motorway and country routes. All registered in England and Wales. Pre-Collision warnings, blind spot monitors, Lane keep assist and lane departure warnings. And if this hatch doesn’t catch your imagination, there’s saloon and Touring Sports (estate) models available too. Saved Vehicles . Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2021. We’re not entirely surprised – it felt like a real step-change for the Japanese brand when it launched, courtesy of a high-quality interior and fairly impressive dynamics for the class. Best small hybrid cars. Advantages: Great value for money; Good economy with 58 miles per gallon (mpg) The only hybrid supermini on sale ; Disadvantages: Note: Looking to really save money at the pumps but a hybrid car may not be in your budget? I did however, test the … Our resident experts have pulled together the best small hybrid cars on sale so you can have a small car with small running costs. The official MPG figures for all vehicles, including hybrid models are derived from the NEDC test. But like so many hybrid rivals, problems soon start to show. If you’re interested in a hybrid on a budget, here are the 10 most affordable new hybrid cars available in 2019. Beispielsweise ist ein Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid ab 22.534 € zu haben, während ein Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid 20.960 € kostet. Like the Ioniq, it’s available as a plug-in or even a full EV, but the plain old self-charging Hybrid is a good place to start. 9.8 Lakh, Nissan Magnite Rs. We’ve rounded up the cheapest hybrid cars on sale in this list, for those who want to make the change but don’t have the largest budgets. With around 30 miles of pure electric range on a full charge, this could be a brilliant way to reduce your bills, charging up overnight and commuting as an EV during the week and reserving the 1.6-litre petrol for longer trips at the weekend. When it went on sale in 2011 it was the cheapest petrol-electric car in the UK. It’s smooth and quick, and the engine cuts out when stationary to keep city emissions down, but a Toyota Prius is better – read more about buying a used one here. Read our Toyota Prius hybrid review View Leasing Offers. That's where our Used Tow Car Awards come in The Nissan Rogue might be due for an update, but the Rogue Hybrid is still a strong choice if you’re looking for an affordable compact crossover that’s good on gas. 10. 7.59 Lakh Below you’ll find our list of the 10 best hybrid cars on sale including a mix or our favourite plug-in and conventional hybrid models... Top 10 best hybrid cars 2020. VAT no 918 5617 01 The Lexus interior quality is present and correct, too, which is a real boon. Here are the best small hybrid cars you can buy now. Our best picks: the best hybrids you can buy today. Read our Hyundai Ioniq plug-in review View Leasing Offers, Bauer Automotive staff writer; Cotswoldian, Peugeot enthusiast, SsangYong Turismo apologist, Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 5 Seats. The only problem is that it’s not actually that efficient, and anybody doing a decent mileage will be better off with a diesel. It’s fine at lower speeds but ask it to work a bit harder and it’s sluggish and noisy. The UX uses as standard the same 2.0-litre powertrain as is optional for the Toyota Corolla and C-HR; this gives it a decent turn of pace, with 0-62mph dealt with in 8.5 seconds. Electric cars are dominating the headlines, but not everybody can stump up the cash for a full EV just yet. Each hybrid car has an electric motor that works in combination with a gasoline engine to power the vehicle. The fourth-generation Prius may be ugly as sin but it’s comfortable, absurdly reliable and very efficient. View our rankings to find the best used hybrid cars and hybrid SUVs for your budget for 2021 The other two models, the EV Ioniq and the PHEV Ioniq are exceptional vehicles in their own … All rights reserved.Driving Electric is a registered trademark. The jargon decoded. This plug-in hybrid vehicle made its first appearance on the scene in 2018. It’s a shame that for this bargain price you’ll be limited to the 1.8-litre Hybrid model instead of the more performant (and pleasant) 2.0-litre, but a genuine 60mpg is hard to sniff at. The Mondeo’s 182bhp hybrid powertrain is one of the most powerful here by a long way, and it’s surprisingly competent on the motorway – where it’s also superbly refined and comfy. Both the Volt and the Ampera can be found in the classifieds for about £7,000. This third-generation model, built from 2009 to 2015, is a used-car bargain, with prices starting at £2,500. We run down the best electric mopeds you can buy, from some mainstream and some not so well known names, The days of the trundling milk float are long gone: the latest electric cars are now some of the fastest vehicles in the world, full stop, A good plug-in hybrid SUV should combine low running costs with excellent practicality. The Ioniq is Hyundai’s first purpose-designed electrified car and comes in three guises: hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric. For 2020 it’s going to get an upgraded battery with a longer range. Read our full review of the model and learn more about its soon-to-arrive replacement. Hyundai’s first purpose-built hybrid is available as a plug-in or as this cheaper self-charging model. We’ve concentrated our efforts on ‘proper’ hybrids – that is to say, cars that can run as pure EVs for a limited amount of time. Want to switch to electrified driving but on a budget? Open Today! View the top-ranked 2021 Hybrid and Electric Cars at U.S. News Best Cars. These are some of the best on sale right now, buying guide for the third-generation model. Power came from a petrol-electric powertrain that allowed for electric-only town driving. Home; Used Vehicles. A winning package, then, as long as you don’t expect too much dynamically. The hybrid model was the first to arrive and uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine with an electric motor to give 139bhp. Starting at £19,340, the Yaris is also the cheapest hybrid car on the market, so if you’re looking to go hybrid on a budget, the Yaris should definitely be on your shortlist. The Lexus CT 200h is only available with one engine, a petrol-electric hybrid. Read our Hyundai Kona hybrid review View Leasing Offers. At higher speeds, the CVT gearbox is noisy and slow-witted, while the handling out of town isn’t much fun. Toyota Yaris Hybrid Their lithium-ion batteries can be charged by either plugging in or on the move using the 1.4-litre petrol engine. That’s the same slow 1.8-litre hybrid unit from the Prius and Corolla – the 2.0-litre is available at extra cost, and well worth it. It was replaced in 2019 by a new Corolla. From Uber drivers to Hollywood celebrities, the Prius is a popular choice, and for good reasons: it’s spacious, economical and very reliable. With 208bhp, 0-62mph took 7.6 seconds and it returned an average fuel economy of 35mpg. It’s still plenty practical, with room for four adults, and the dual-clutch gearbox does away with the rubber-band effect of a CVT. Plug-in: No. Here are the top 20 plug-in hybrid cars that will be available in 2020. They charge by recuperating the energy lost through braking, as well as siphoning off some power from the engine, to provide smooth around-town driving and lower emissions than a conventional car. The best hybrid cars are a good choice for saving on fuel costs without going for a fully electric car. Popular Hybrid models in 2021 are Mahindra Thar Rs. Read our Toyota Corolla Hybrid review View Leasing Offers. Our Non-Sedan Favorite: 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid . Hybrid cars fuel economy. With some models now hitting 10 years old or more, there are plenty of bargains to be had. The car even has radar cruise control, which I didn’t have the confidence to test, despite my unwavering trust in Toyota’s safety features. How much does it cost to run a hybrid car? You’ll also find plenty of interior storage and some of the most straightforward in-car tech on the market. 6 Jan 2021. Used Honda Civic Hybrid Mk2s start at around £2,500; that'll get you an early 2007 model with above-average miles. Read our Hyundai Ioniq hybrid review View Leasing Offers. The C-HR has become one of Toyota’s more popular products. It had a bigger engine than its predecessors (a 1.8-litre petrol), which conversely meant it was not only smoother and quieter, but had better fuel economy and emissions, too. Hybrid cars are becoming ever more popular, with a greater variety available than ever before. Avis-Budget, which is also targeting a significant increase in its number of hybrid car rentals, is confronting the same supply problem. Read our Ford Mondeo hybrid review View Leasing Offers. We’ve not been too impressed by the Mondeo Hybrid in the past but as a base model, it’s hard to argue with the sheer value of a huge family car for the price of a high-end hatchback. A hybrid car seems a decent stopgap.