MULTI-FLUE CHIMNEY CAPS The Big Dripper chimney cap line offers the most comprehensive protection for the crown and the chimney from the elements. They are highly specialized, requiring caps designed specifically to be used with double-wall, air-insulated metal chimneys. Multi-flue chimneys: Chimneys with more than a single flue need top-mounted chimney caps for both extended and non-extended flues. Contact Doctor Flue Today! Ultimately, your home can have multiple chimney flues or just a single flue, depending on when your home was originally constructed or your flues added-on. Simply order all the flue liner items you need online or call us and we'll do it for you: 01902 393903.Buy with confidence as our HETAS approved 316 grade flue liner comes with a 10yr warranty and our 904 grade liner has a 25 yr warranty.Both are constructed using a double skin of austenitic stainless steel of that grade. Home | Crown Mount Multi Flue Chimney Caps. 9 x 13 Multi Flue Chimney Cap. Related Articles : 0 comments Post a Comment. Available Colors. Regular price: $105.95. Sale price: $79.95. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 11. Double-wall air-insulated metal chimneys: In this type of chimney, two walls are separated by open space, using air to cool the flue. Available in a variety of styles and stock & custom sizes. FREE Shipping. Sep 16, 2020 - This hip and ridge stainless steel chimney cap covers a multi flue chimney in the dimensions you need. Made custom to your specifications. The cap is a covering at the top of the chimney, and it usually includes a protective mesh. 99. n 2" Horizontal Skirt Is Standard. Gelco's and Olympia's stainless steel multi-flue chimney caps are constructed of 304 stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. A multi-flue chimney cap is made of stainless steel, copper, or black galvanized steel. Other Lengths Available n Stainless Steel Tapcons® n Drip Edge STAINLESS HIP & RIDGE LID. Measures 14" x 30" from screen to screen. Multi-flue chimney caps allow you to protect multiple, odd sized or unlined flues. Compare; Find My Store. Multi-flue | Chimney Caps . Multi flu chimney cap stainless steel Stainless Steel Multi Flue with Skirt stainless steel chimney cover bird deflector rain cover sparklecitythrift. Homes with multiple flues, flues that are odd sizes, or flue unlined should be capped with a multi-flue cap. My Account; Wish List; Shopping Cart; Checkout; 0. $59.00. Available in Copper, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Gray, Stainless Steel Aluminum and Steel. The cap's slope allows water to flow away from the chimney. Sort By Featured. Newer Post Older Post Home. View Products. Shark Ion Vs … Great for protecting the chimney crown and when installing two or more single flue caps next to each other isn't feasible. Using a multi-flue chimney cap will allow you to protect multiple, odd sized or uneven flue tiles while also providing protection to the entire chimney crown. Chimney caps protect your chimney from moisture such as snow, ice Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap - 8 Inches Feature. Multi flue chimney caps accommodate single or multiple flues in one chimney structure. Free shipping. Stainless Steel Multi-Flue Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Top Mount. Shop now or call 800.919.1904! Features 3" overhang, 3/4" mesh, 3" vertical skirt, 2" horizontal skirt, stainless steel Tapcons and masonry drill bit included, self-locking serrated flange nuts, removable lid, and drip edges. Multi-Flue Chimney Caps. Log In or Register/Sign Up. A chimney cap is absolutely a must, but measuring for a multi-flue chimney cap can seem a little tricky. Stainless Steel Crown Mount Chimney Cap w/Multiple Sizes *Brand New* $69.00 to $179.00. Regular price: $99.95. Sale price: $95.95. A good quality chimney cap will cover your chimney flue, provide spark arrest, prevent animal intrusion, and provide water shed away from the crown. New stamp 8 Inch round Stainless Steel Liner Top Chimney Cap. Requires a 17" x 33" masonry chimney top for 24-gauge galvanized steel base flanges to mount properly. We have screen heights of 8" to 16" available here. $129.99 $ 129. 17'' x 29'' Gelco Copper Multi-Flue Chimney Cap - 17'' x 29'' Gelco Copper Multi-Flue Cap- Protect your chimney from debris with one of our chimney caps, rain caps, or flue toppers. These caps are shipped in knock down models (lids must be installed) to save on shipping. The hardest part is usually getting onto your roof safely. Multi flu chimney cap stainless steel Stainless Steel Multi Flue with Skirt stainless steel chimney cover bird deflector rain cover sparklecitythrift. Chimney caps provide the protection your chimney needs. We sell and install the industry’s best caps from Olympia Chimney and National Chimney Supply. The base of the cap has a similar shape to the hood, including a skirt-style circular edge. Multi-Flue Semi-Custom Gelco Chimney Cap - 8" High Mesh; Multi-Flue Semi-Custom Gelco Chimney Cap - 12" High Mesh; Multi-Flue Semi-Custom Gelco Chimney Cap - 10" High Mesh; Multi-Flue Semi-Custom Gelco Chimney Cap - 16" High Mesh; HomeSaver Pro 8 Inch Round Chimney Cap for Air-Insulated Factory-Built Chimneys; Lock-Top II 13 in. Easy to measure, order, and install! Hip and Ridge Multi Flue Custom Decorative Chimney Cap. Multi Flue Chimney Cap with Hip and Ridge Lid, Outside Mount quantity-Add to cart. x 13 in. In our experience this is the best system to prevent moisture problems. $156.12 $ 156. Multi-flue chimney caps accommodate single or multiple flues in one chimney structure. Many people prefer the nicely finished look these chimney caps provide. 1. SELKIRK 206620 6" INSULATED SURE-TEMP FLAT CEILING PIPE … They also provide protection to the entire chimney crown. Find the perfect Multi-Flue Chimney Cap at Woodland Direct. 9 x 9 Multi Flue Chimney Cap. Free shipping. There are several options to customize your multi flue cap including stainless steel or copper, top mount or outside mount, flat lid or hip and ridge lid, screen height, and corner reinforcements. The Vertical Skirt on Outside Mount chimney caps attach to the sides of the chimney with screws or chimney cap adhesive. for pricing and availability. It is a single-flue chimney cap. 9 x 17 Multi Flue Chimney Cap. Sale price: $69.95. We prefer Hy-C brand chimney caps with a band around or skirt mounting system with a top that extends one inch on all sides around the chimney crown. or Best Offer. From shop sparklecitythrift. Compare; Find … $0.00. Sale price: $85.95. Model #BBT1729K-14W. Aug 26, 2015 - Shop Multi-Flue Chimney Caps for sale online from Woodland Direct. These chimney caps are mounted directly to your chimney crown using concrete screws (tapcons). Stainless Steel Lock-Top Damper w/Accessories *Brand New* $109.00 to $169 .00. Great for protecting the chimney crown and when installing two or more single flue caps next to each other isn't feasible. If your chimney has multiple flues, choose between a set of small caps or one large multi-flue cover for a cleaner look. To be sure that your chimney flues are set up safely, contact Doctor Flue today for a chimney inspection. Multi Flue Chimney Cap With Skirt IKLAN 1 Hy C Bigtop 17 Inch X 58 Inch Stainless Steel Multi Flue Chimney Cap 10 Inch Height Multi Flue Chimney Cap Quantumspeedreadings Com Chimney Caps Lowes Chimney Liner Flue IKLAN 2 Share this. These multi flue chimney caps are made of stainless steel, provide a lifetime of protection against the elements, and will not rust or deteriorate. 1. Free shipping on all orders over $99. Hood measures 22 1/4" x 34 1/2". Top-Mount design attaches easily and securely with included tapmark masonry screws and tube of all-weather construction adhesive. No products in the cart. A chimney cap can be a very helpful accessory to have installed on your chimney for several reasons, but it can also cause problems that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It is side or top mounted with a removable roof for cleaning. Shelter 17-in W x 29-in L Black Galvanized Steel Rectangular Chimney Cap. 0 Reviews Fireside Chimney Supply carries the largest variety of multi flue outside mount chimney caps in the industry. Shop single & multi-flue chimney caps, decorative chimney shrouds, dampers, covers & more! Fitting a stove and need a Multi fuel flexible flue liner? Multi-flue chimney caps are designed to be directly mounted to the chimney crown using concrete screws. The Forever Cap CCSC1335 13 x 35-Inch Multi Flue Stainless Steel Crown Mount Chimney Cap, 1-Pack. DIY Metal Chimney Cap for Historic Home: Here in Oklahoma City there are a lot of historic homes. This feature further improves the capability of the device to maintain wind circulation, making this model arguably the best chimney cap for wind management in the market. Categories Categories Caps. 9 x 14 Multi Flue Chimney Cap. Custom-made chimney caps & shrouds available. Browse popular brands like Forever Cap before making your choice. This traditional chimney cap features a standing seam roof at a 6/12 pitch. Shelter 14-in W x 30-in L Black Galvanized Steel Rectangular Chimney Cap. Stainless Steel *Reversible* Multi-Flue Chimney Cap 3/4" Mesh (Lifetime Guarantee) - 10" Screen Height. We know some homes may need extra protection for their flues. Model #BBT1430KD. - Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Popular Post. How to Install Outside Mount Chimney Cap of the Band-Around Style. We recommend adding 1/4″ to your exact measurement then rounding up to nearest whole inch for best fit. They are fasten securely to each flue opening, or sometimes, they extend out to cover the entire chimney. This one was built in the 1920s and has been missing its original Chimney Cap for years.Based on some ideas from the homeowner and a bit of research I came up with this design in Fusion 360 an… Premium Hip & Ridge Lid ; California Approved Mesh; Lifetime Warranty; 10″ Screen Height; 3″ Skirt; 2″ Lid Overhang . Order this chimney cap with a skirt design today. Free shipping. All Chimney Products Multi-flue sizes have reversible panels for ease of installation, lids held on with studs and wingnuts for easy service, 10" screen height, and come boxed in knock-down form to save on space and freight! The multi-flue chimney cap can be sized to fit securely around the flue openings, or it can be extended to cover the entire chimney. 140 sold. Compare; Find My Store. Base Chimney Cap and Damper Combo ; Gelco … Galvanized Steel Multi-Flue Chimney Cap Size: 8" H x 29" W x 17" D. 4.5 out of 5 stars 5. Taller screens can be ordered by calling us at 888-992-9889. Buy products online or call us at 800-366-8677. for pricing and availability. Easy Installation Besides being budget-friendly, chimney caps are easy to install. A leaky chimney cap or a missing chimney cap can be a real problem, but the solution is simple with Traditions Chimney Sweeps. Regular price: $89.95. Item #127455. From wind caps and storm caps to round and square single-flue caps and pitched skirt multi-flue caps, we’ve got it all right here. Add to Compare. 29 sold. Please enter measurements as decimals (not fractions). 12. Regular price: $115.95 . Add to Cart. Copper Rain Caps. Masonry fastners are included with each cap. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Item #127455. Crown Mount Multi Flue Chimney Caps. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Outside mount chimney caps fit over the entire chimney, like the lid on a shoe box. Welcome! Its multi flue design allows for installation on larger multi-function chimneys. The premier manufacturer of chimney caps We supply chimney sweep companies, fireplace construction and maintenance professionals and mason contractors with premium quality chimney caps. Description Additional information Description. Multi-flue chimney caps are available in stainless steel or copper. Call 800.919.1904 today! 416 sold. From shop sparklecitythrift. Attractive chimney cap for multi-flue masonry chimneys. Our Multi Flue Chimney Caps are made with precise measurements for a perfect fit and easy installation.