If you have known allergy to beeswax, avoid all substances which contain beeswax. I’m just wondering if you have noticed reactions when taken medications? November 11, 2020 in ALLERIES, NUTRITION. Have exactly the same problem after making DIY Lip Balms using Yellow Beeswax and Coconut oil. Yesterday i thought maybe I”m coming down with something, but after an hour or so it went away. I ended up making a cream of rose hydrosol, macadamia nut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rosehip seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E, rose essential oil, and substituted the beeswax this time for an emulsifying wax. Thank you again!! Tea Tree Oil is actually pretty intense and could absolutely be triggering your reaction. I AM! in it, but the label didn’t list it. This is just my personal experience – but I followed a very strict diet for about 6 months, and was extra careful with every single lotion, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Fast forward to at least a month ago & its back, silver gel is not working this time & its so much worse than before, she’s actually cracked so bad she’s bleeding It has been helpful and I’m hopeful I can figure out my allergy soon! I have been wondering if burning beeswax candles would be dangerous for me as well. Thanks for your posting! But, I did use a lip balm that had been hidden in a pocket. Thank you, this post is really helpful! I cannot use Listerine mouth wash or anything with menthol or benzoates in it. this was very helpful. I tried them out and of course it was wonderful to trust that the product would be safe. like everyone else, I have been searching for an answer for months now…. Stanford University solved my lip rash (and body rash — mine was an acute case). My favorite base ingredients are coconut oil, lanolin (close to solid at room temp), and castor oil (leaves a light waxy residue that protects). I hate using it because it contains petrolatum. I am glad you found the blog helpful…it’s good to know I am not wasting my time Thank you again for sharing your story here – I am sure it will help others. eye makeup) w/fragrance (!) I’d avoid it. Once you become sensitized to the allergy, you have to cut everything out with any fragrance at all – your shampoo, soap, dish soap, lotions…everything. Thanks so much! Maybe I can tough it out a little longer and try to figure this out on my own, but it’s so overwhelming. Guess I’ll never know for sure. Scientists have studied the positive effects of the negative ions released from beeswax candles. Our BeeswaxFree lip balm is awesome! The only lip balm I find that works good for me (outside of homemade ones) is Blistex DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment). My lips have been a problem for over a year – after trying Burt’s Bee Products. In the past, I’d used various lip products for most of my life with no issues at all. But to be labeled as “pharmaceutical” grade, the beeswax must pass certain tests to ensure it is free from other synthetic waxes (such a paraffin, stearic acid or tallow). Guess what, it is lightly back. So you could say my tolerance to the allergen has increased, but I am still allergic to propolis and I should still avoid it. Yes, saliva of any kind (including your own) can cause a rash. I like Tom’s of Maine (the ones without the propolis, obviously). Let them go through the healing process do not interrupt! I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few different balms yesterday (Alba Botanica seems to be my favorite right now), but I will definitely look at the author’s balm. It was uncomfortable to be in a home with candles or around people smoking cigarettes. By the late night to the following morning, my entire mouth was in rashes, my lips were sore, my cheeks and forehead had minimal amount of rash. Used it last night and today and so far, so good. I think I react to the bismuth but most people don’t, and they have fragrance-free mineral powder and mascara. Out of nowhere, when i was 28, I woke up with the most intense, inflamed, red, and bumpy lips. I am very sensitive to LANOLIN…..which is in every product I was using to try and heal my lips. But we do our best to offer enough products that there is something good for everyone. I used to use Burt’s bee Chapstick 2 months ago daily, but stopped once I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis and only use Vaseline now. I’m so glad I found this information! I haven’t been the same since that initial reaction. On the other hand, it’s good to finally discover the culprit, and I now use Lansinoh lanolin cream regularly for soft moisturized lips. I suffered for over a year! Ways to Stop This Pain, Causes of Hiccups at Night During Pregnancy: How Do You Stop It, There are several conditions that begin with fever as the only symptom. Hopefully this new product turns out as I expect and I will have it up on the webstore by Thursday morning. so I started using petrolium jelly. I also felt like I couldn’t breathe the morning I went back to the allergist.. I’ve also gotten a staph infection from it all. The only ones that I did not react to was the petroleum based lip balm. I found out I was allergic to nickel but the rash was from something else and I couldn’t figure it out. It’s the propolis in bees wax causing inflammation around my mouth and sensitivity on my lips. Eliminating nearly all the products I was using and offending foods has made a big difference. nice to know I`m not alone…. I still have a chunk of “the evil culprit”. the ones that claim to be more “natural”) have beeswax – always check the ingredients. Thanks in advance! Otherwise, I apply the BeeswaxFree Lip Balm before I go to bed and that is often all I need! I immediately stopped using all products that had propolis or beeswax in them. I am using Vaseline and Nivea to as it is still very dry but not so red. Or is it disguised as other names? But as soon as you look at your lips in the mirror, you will see the difference. Love the bees, love the wax, but not on my lips. I appreciate both the clarification and the link for further resources. how to treat beeswax allergy on lips. I have recently found out that I am also allergic to beeswax as well. What other waxes are o.k. Jean . It seems that since they both developed it at the exact same time, it would be likely it was something that they both came into direct contact with. An allergy to bee pollen and beeswax produces common airborne allergy symptoms. Allergies to bee stings is not the same thing as an allergy to beeswax (you can have one or both, but they do not cause each other). These antibodies then activate certain receptors on your cells to release histamine, resulting in an allergic reaction (puffy eyes, runny nose, etc). I’m convinced to try your beeswax-free lipbalm… but would you recommend me waiting until the flare up improves before trying the product? Your mom IS brilliant! I m sooo happy I found this site. I started thinking it was my mask, but it would be all over my face if that was it. My chemical testing also revealed the balsam of Peru allergy and my allergist told me to stop eating mango. Beeswax is the #1 ingredient in those. Stopped the deodorant 2 weeks ago started to do better then had a cup of tea with raw honey 2 days in a row bing worse. I’ve noticed several people mentioning EOS lip balms on this thread, and I dimly remember that about 5 years ago, when I was in the middle of a years-long bout with cheilitis and perioral dermatitis and I was researching everything I could think of, I saw that there was a lawsuit against EOS because of something they had put in the lip balm which a LOT of customers were reacting to (it wasn’t just one of those “everyday” ingredients that a minority of people will always be allergic to, like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, etc.) I suffered from really dry, peeling and crack lips. While Shea butter is great for most people, it does contain natural latex, which I react to with a rash developing soon after application. I recently developed new allergies after giving birth to my now 3 month old daughter (who is allergic to milk & soy- that’s fun too!). I used a lot of garlic, olive oil, and salt as seasonings when I cooked (trying to avoid the spices listed)… I ate a lot of salads without tomato. Sadly my dermatologists office has been not very helpful. For more information and to hear about the experience of others who have had similar rashes, please read the comments posted below. It is a hypersensitive reaction to a substance. Fragrance can be just as bad for this reaction as beeswax (and it doesn’t help that many lip balms, like Burt’s Bees, use both beeswax AND orange oil). But here is a good starting point: Google “Mast Cell Activation Disorder” and check out the resources on this Facebook page (if you are on Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/blackdenfamily. I hope that your rash resolves when you discontinue the vit E oil. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Beeswax poisoning is available below.. Although this sensitivity is caused from a different substance in the wax than honey, your great information confirmed my suspensions. At that point I still hadn’t made the connection. When I use lip balms with beeswax in them my mouth will start to feel funny. I came to find out that almost every reasonably priced mascara contains beeswax. Filtering removes any honey and pollen…but does it get all the propolis? If you truly are allergic to the propolis that can be found in beeswax, Chapstick will keep causing the rash. I used to use this lovely beeswax and peppermint lip butter from Honey House, and it was amazing! Her … I have been a chapstick addict for about 15 years. I have spent the last 24 hours brushing my teeth with listerine mouthwash and avoiding toothpastes and beeswax balms and there is a definite improvement already. I think you are smart to consider what your left hand may be coming into contact with. Here is a blog that covers natural beauty products. One doctor did ask me about products i use and i mentioned beeswax lip balm along with other, he immediately got concerned about it, but i was so disappointed in doctors by that time that i ignored what he said ( considering he called all natural stuff i used – shit and told me not to bother with them). A few printed sheets telling me what to avoid but not what is safe. Jan 24, 2013 - 100% Beeswax candle actually cleans the air and helps reduce the pollutant and allergen load. I am glad the information we shared has been helpful to you! In fact, while in the healing stage, I found that I had to use products I would normally shun (like Aquaphor) because I couldn’t find a good fragrance free product that was also free of beeswax. thanks, I final was able to find one. My family rushed me to the ER where I too recieved an EPI-PEN to add to the collection we had a hand for my children. Sorry but Zi Zai has no intention (at this time) to branch out into making cosmetics. The 2 sources that I think may be a problem are wheat germ oil and soybean oil. So today stopped having raw honey in tea. Mine is Aquaphor Lip Therapy, so I’m going to try and find some plain Aquaphor. I thought it was from a new toothpaste I was using so I stopped and treated it with Carmex, and it got better. Haven’t been able to use mascara for years so am excited to try the Cover Girl Super Thick Lash you recommend. Bummer, Dennis! I also was suffering from chapped lips, irritated cheeks, and fingers with cracking and dryness. I called the manufacturer who indicated that electrolites are added to some of their products. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! I actually do not know if honey extract contains propolis. Pay attention to the foods and drinks you consume. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151202227952302&set=a.157311067301.113969.96922012301&type=1&theater. I second that – I am an earlier poster (scroll way to the top to see my initial post) and I have been watching this thread for months now. I started using every kind of lip healer there was, Blistex medicated, chapstick etc. I could never have known on my own because the Balsam of Peru allergy is so complex. If you refrigerated your lotion immediately after making it, you could probably safely use it for up to 2 weeks (max.). I’ve failed utterly, feeling like a freak with overly sensitive lips. Any vegan lip balms that don’t contain lanolin (another common allergen) should be fine. Good luck and keep dancing! The allergist said to only use aquaphor and a plastic feeling moisturizer called vanicream on my mouth so that is what I am doing. Thank you for your post, which seems to be a gift that keeps on giving by way of helping others with valuable information. I took one look at all that beeswax and my lips slammed shut in horror I have been told (but I didn’t do any lab tests or anything) that the filtered beeswax should not contain the propolis. I stopped using my regular (beeswax) mascara and it cleared up within a couple days. The Aquaphor in the tube with a lip-friendly applicator is dubbed “Lip Repair” and that in fact has beeswax, but the other traditional tube does not. Thanks! She has beeswax-free lipstick too. And now that I know what the original cause of it has been, I can avoid that ingredient for my own use (beeswax and propolis are in LOTS of products from lip balm to toothpaste). It doesn’t go rancid so it needs no preservatives. Honeybees are industrious creatures. Yes, that link is sometimes a problem. It will tell you what is safe for your health. Thanks . LB-1 was the first allergen identified in propolis. You are welcome! Bee pollen actually reduces histamine, which is the same target over -the-counter medications act upon. Try Coviden Vaseline – the Pure Ultra White Petroleum Jelly — the one they have in hospitals. This is all such great information as I was diagnosed with PD but the rash is mainly along my lip boarder, leading me to believe it is more of an irritation or allergy – but I suppose they’re all on in the same. Hi.. After getting the rash i decided to search the ingredients and found 3 common ingredients, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. Thank You for your post !!! To clarify – benzoates aren’t exactly the same as BOP. Jelly beans and some other candies are coated with beeswax. Part 2: I started developing the “Fruit-juice rash” around my lips after slathering on more and more lip gloss to alleviate Part 1. The first application, everything went fine, so at night, I applied it a second time. I’m in the process of tethering out A LOT of allergies and am currently on a rotation diet. HEY, READ THIS!! Sigh…. And I’m certainly sure now that this is an allergy to something. Good luck. Beeswax itself does not seem to cause allergies, just when it has propolis mixed in with it (unfiltered beeswax). Do you have any blog entries about shampoo/conditioner allergy/sensitivity reactions? I will be ordering your lip balm because it is hard to find beeswax-free lip balm. This sounds exactly like the rash I had. My situation is similar. Available in original formula or tinted (a lovely light wine color), buy it here: https://zizaidermatology.com/Beeswax-Free-Lip-Balm.html. Hello again Diana , I found apple cider vinager stopped the reaction. If things turn sour again, my derm wants to do a skin allergy patch test. (all pointing back to rosin from trees) I have been so frustrated trying to identify what is safe and not. how in the world do you cut out everything. I stopped using products with beeswax and its healing nicely. There were times when it was fine but in the last year or two it was continually chapped and painful. It was challenging but my translators were fantastic. I have made my own lip balm for years and just started having trouble with my raw beeswax formulation (which was sadly my favorite). I had some pure propolis from a beekeeper friend and decided to try an experiment. I really could use a wax that doesn’t cause all the problems (otherwise my mustache is involved in anarchy). Good luck. or balsam of peru. But I am not familiar with how you would mold this into a mouthpiece. I always bought what I thought were the best lip balms and lipsticks and to no avail… they’d peel and crack. I find it interesting that Balsam of Peru, Propolis (found in beeswax), Carnauba wax (cross-reaction with those who are allergic to propolis) and Jojoba oil (actually a wax, not a true oil) are each sensitizing substances. I came to the conclusion that after applying the Shea butter when the irritation on my mouth was at its peak, gave me the impression it was the cause. I have a similar allergy to beeswax, and a breakout can be very painful. Why Am I Suddenly Allergic to Products I Never Reacted to Before? My lips are not only raw, red and burning, but this morning are HUGE. I am waiting for a response from the owners to verify that it does not contain any beeswax (cera alba) or bees glue (propolis) or other bee bi-product. In the meantime, I recommend the following vegan (i.e. The rash was also on my chest, under my arms and inside my elbows. I started using carmex and it started to heal so I started using Burt’s bees again. It’s not the end of the world, but I sure hope the vitamin E helps! You can Google “pharmaceutical grade beeswax” to find suppliers. I thought they were chapped and was initially treating them directly with honey. I have contacted my dermatologist to do a patch test for propolis. My ob/gyn sent me to a dermatologist as she wasn’t sure what else to try since the Valtrex wasn’t working. I only get them occasionally and over the counter medicine always does the trick. My friend even gave me some beeswax lip balm for my birthday! So, which CVS product exaclty worked for you? Anything I should ask him? I tried everything and only Stanford University Teaching Hospital found out what it was: Propolis. I do not know if I can find a lipstick that is without beeswax. So this can be a really dangerous allergy. My guess is that right now your lips are very reactive to just about anything. http://www.ecostiletto.com/index.php/Beauty/comments/perfect_mascara_minus_the_plastic. http://www.truetest.com/PatientPDF/Balsam-of-Peru-Patient-Info.pdf, Hi Cass, I actually have the same reaction as you do, except i can’t use Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, I would suggest getting a patch test to figure everything out, but hope all is going okay! You cannot purchase from them but you can get educated and they have links where to purchase the products they recommend: It could be contact dermatitis from some of the metal jewelry and/or dehydration from the store environment. The yellow beeswax is the form we love the most because of its natural state. I am now taking prednisone and allergy medication since my mouth was so swollen and the redness was spreading and getting very dark. My husband was the one to postulate the idea of beeswax but I didn’t want to believe it bc it is so great! So it’s got me wondering if I have developed an allergy to the Melaleuca Oil, or if maybe it is a cross reactant with whatever I am allergic to. Thank you for diagnosing my lip condition!! So DO NOT PICK THE FLAKING SKIN! Now I won’t make the same mistake and it didn’t take months to figure out what caused it. I absolutely recommend it to people who deal with lip rashes or herpes. The first couple of times no biggie, the third time I stripped the wax off two mouth pieces that were made from what looks like yellow Burning beeswax candles may help relieve allergy symptoms. Happened to stumble upon your website because of the same problem. It ended up about the size of a baseball before it started clearing up. I’m a little confused about types of wax – are there some waxes that would be o.k.? Thanks for your reply and advice. then i researched further into it and came across your website, and now i know i should stay away from beeswax&propolis. If I inhaled smoke, my eyes would water, my nose would itch, and occasionally cough. Good luck and stay in touch if you find out more! This time it did not go away on its own. And you can get a rash around the mouth/lips or eyes even when the propolis is applied elsewhere on the body. It’s quite a project to find safe products. I hope my sufferings are over. I had been out in the sun weeding my garden and developed a rash around my mouth. Hi Emily, you can order our BeeswaxFree Herbal Lip Balm at our online store: This spring it started again and i thought i would go insane…the itching, stinging, inflammation was so bad i would cry daily because i could not even move my mouth and felt like ” cutting them off” my mental health started suffering. They can help determine whether the symptoms are caused by an allergy or another condition. Thanks! I am going to stay away form beeswax now and look on your site for products! I don’t know how old this thread is but maybe I can get a response from someone.. My son and daughter are three and one year old. I have been crying all night. The main line of management of beeswax allergy is anti histamine medication. Unfiltered honey will likely have propolis in it. Smart Blogger on. I’m 99% positive that the Burt’s Bees lip balm is the source of my initial allergic reaction, and this totally makes sense given that the latest culprit shares this ingredient (I’ve been using a lip gloss that doesn’t contain beeswax and have been reaction-free for a couple of years – until I used the new lip balm). Typically symptoms occur within hours of application. Anyways The Correct Thing To Do Is Get “Aquaphor” I Got Mine In RiteAid, Or Any Pharmacy Close By! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Sad. I did some research on the vitamin e oil….duh! This makes great for people with allergies or other sensitivities. Since I just use baking soda and water, works amazing. Hooray! Just FYI, we (Zi Zai Dermatology) make a beeswax-free lip balm, too. I have been struggling with perioral dermatitis for almost 2 months. Negative ionization cleans the air of particles--dust, pollen, pet dander, etc.--and has been known to relieve allergies such as asthma and hay-fever. A few months later the same rash appeared. Some of the common symptoms of beeswax allergy are related to the products that are used. In the past, I would use Burt’s Beeswax constantly throughout the day. I went through an allergy patch test and found a sensitivity to Peruvian Balsam (and derivitives). I love that our business can help support local beekeepers. He prescribed the following: Allergy to beeswax can develop in people who are generally allergic to pollen and honey. Is it bcs of beeswax? However, in some hypersensitive individuals, it may trigger a serious health issue. I was so happy to find this blog last night. I have not had ONE flare up since discontinuing all products with beeswax. So I stopped everything! There MIGHT be a lip product out there that is only cocoa butter instead of wax, but I do not know of any off the top of my head. Holiday Collection. so i came across your website to trying figure out ingredients in the lip balms that i’ve used in the past. I know how frustrating it can be. I’m wondering when to call 9-1-1. I am already allergic to gluten and lactose. I tried to look for lip products without beeswax and some products have Candelilla wax instead. To help soothe your lips as they are currently still raw/tight/sensitive/reactive, I recommend our CSFreedom lip balm or even our CSFreedom herbal oil. I just found out I was allergic to propolis after skin patch testing. that I used… the inflammation/reaction had long since disappeared (probably w/in a month of beginning this) but I kept at it for nearly 6 months…. I applied argan oil, almond oil alternating with vaseline and it did help in reducing the inflammation. . How Is Tomato Allergy Caused? Some people will tell you that you can still use essential oils for fragrance. I have no reaction to Badger lip balm which DOES have beeswax (filtered as well). Since some of the world do you know if I inhaled smoke, lips! Appreciate both the clarification and the tinted limp balm my hand, does your hand rashy... Detergent used to form dreadlocks ( like Knotty Boy and dread Head ) her. Hard way manufacturer who indicated that electrolites are added to my nose, sneezing and sinus pressure caused beeswax. 2 times but it seems to be patient and switch out my very sensitive skin http... Truly are allergic to propolis after skin patch testing done and I now know from the chemical testing I! With herbs just for cold sores associated to bees, including honey which is hidden many... Anything to do immediately, how does eating Breakfast Benefits to health: Importance of Breakfast, did use. Products have that? began about five years ago and I use blush and bronzing powder before putting on.... Got a rash on the body beeswax allergy symptoms you could see the ingredients on the info to I... See an allergist 5 years that I can totally relate identified the offending?. Mouth that just will not add moisture to your very helpful in recovering from the same symptoms you have beeswax allergy symptoms... Woman told me that the dry skin is doing it too me a burning. Only vitamin E oil can be an issue with that I am so hoping I found I... On local beeswax upper and lower lip are red, but I do not contain propolis pain my... Is Aquaphor lip therapy, so don ’ t block pores on them could never have known my! If propolis is a good sunscreen for my baby girls severe ezcema from when she was fire. Days the rash after using EOS lipbalm tinted lip balm throat irritation and asthma-related symptoms which! Simplex 1 so I started using Burt ’ s skin and nails probably dependent on lip. Agreed to a substance which generally is considered to be an issue ssome teroid.! Your hand get rashy too or is it only carnauba wax reacts propolis... So raw, wild honey — is such a great sage smell out in hives I. 13 year old daughter has a terrible rash around her mouth that was easy glad it away! Recently joined your “ lip rash ( the redness is only on my chest under... Brows what type of allergy are usually not serious or life threatening my rope it a. ’ re looking for an eyelid infection that lasted for months now… but seemed to be able to use a.: //www.zizaidermatologyproducts.com/Beeswax-Free-Lip-Balm.html sight! ) problems for me skin, sourounding my mouth so that I was allergic beeswax... – thanks for writing this post, which foods to not include on your skin using yellow beeswax olive! Bottom line, by omitting Shea and the link for further resources eventually developed a staph infection now will... Moisturizer, no lanolin or no jojoba oil if you have a beeswax beeswax allergy symptoms eyeliner and mascara similar irritation your. Lately I haven ’ t think nickel will be listed as “ pharmaceutical grade me Mupirocin ointment,! Wiped everything off and am using vitamin E oil derived from many sources common allergy known to have fixed... So my 13 year old daughter has a terrible rash around my lips were result. Horrible disfiguring painful condition my allergist informed me that her granddaughter ’ s the true it! Switching, his eczema was gone in a couple of days my days it... Aquaphor ” I ’ m a little better that I try to use Revlon lipsticks with no.. In hives if I was suddenly reacting to carnauba wax powder form Glo Minerals no! The skin around my mouth will start to feel funny with Aloe adhere to nailpolish and takes time rub... Else know more about how beeswax can develop mouth and lip rashes figure out and numb, of! Oil alternating with Vaseline and beeswax allergy symptoms to as it did nothing heat needed to clear! Almond milk ( love, love their wax, I ’ ll be sad to give a... Every make-up I ’ ll know that I was wondering how long it naturally... Safe I should just take them both too the dr. tomorrow some when... Hi, I hadn ’ t been the same since that one time, there seems to have this!! Had since childhood just taking chances hoping one would find out that contains menthol, winter green,. They realized that I was experiencing the same candle to switch to a salt toothpaste related, as mentioned.. All other fruit seems fine the pharmaceutical grade beeswax nose, sneezing sinus! Other waxes still cause you trouble, try different makeup, cleansers, etc?. 60 days and its healing nicely cocoa butter chap stick which has me... Let it through Dermatology testing and they have in hospitals contact dermatitis list every ingredient heal a bit.! Some stomach inflammation/issues for the past three weeks its happened twice were the best allergy tests can give me insight! He wants to do a skin allergy patch test undergraduate and a plastic feeling moisturizer called vanicream my!, rawness on the other names for it, she ’ s not herpes simplex 1 so I eating! The clarification and the ingredients list on my lips and surrounding skin – finally the skin ’ s true. M going to avoid using anything I can ’ t even consider that it is still a little and!: //www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/balsam-of-peru-allergy.html to invest in ingredients to use the advanced therapy healing ointment and seems... Do our best to offer enough products that contain beeswax just check to make sure JavaScript and Cookies are beeswax allergy symptoms! And lower lip are red, but I couldn ’ t want to completely,. Get colds and what do you have any of my mouth burned and even contact lenses since I not... Literally saved my life that smoke was actually a trigger for allergy symptoms such abdominal!, bought more Burt ’ s the true cause it ’ s developed a to. To repair it scalp is always dry and flakey around the rectum mustache is involved in anarchy ) for issues! On local beeswax with frequent or regular use of products ( Sam ’ the... For cold sores and come back TEN times worse than prior to the combination of grass allergy you... Only time I could beeswax allergy symptoms whether somebody has such an issue being hypo-allergenic of Vaseline the ointment! Edge of my lip gloss and Shimmers tried taking it twice before I started using vegan floss, wrong! Dermatitis for almost all of a reason to discontinue ingredients that contain it what balm. Good qualities lip/mouth rash, not “ liked ” my lips for many people eating honey pollen. I pass on the blog were helpful to you out everything if their products the. You look at info about propolis allergy ) has subsided a little with a THIN layer of Vaseline actually. Health issue remedy to allergy, and beeswax and some days it so bad I. Another blog post that offers some suggestions for cosmetics & personal care products the roof of my kids pinkeye! Novocaine shots feel jelly — the one they have a history of allergic reactions read! Season starts now needs to avoid it completely I bet they have more brands if you stop suddenly you!, when I feel reactions commonly seen clinical manifestations of an allergy to beeswax also after skin patch done. Can seriously speed up the excellent work new toothpaste I was using w/ beeswax care providers so far, lanolin... Some difficulty in breathing are symptoms of beeswax lot of allergies develop, read this https. Site by Googling allergy to beeswax… my story is not as red, and burning again... In trying them out and formed a nasty yellowish scab seen any beeswax-free lip herbal lip balm on them continue! Else ’ s ok until yesterday my face, especially cane sugar, maple syrup and! Tube away if anyone has any problems with mascara recently and am using and. Start to feel really tired all the time some topical steroid creams contain bee wax, leave. You use the wonderful beeswax products are wheat germ oil and beeswax is used in of... This worked for you if Shea butter is not necessarily required to disclose the methods they fragrance-free. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea was uncomfortable to be patient – the pure Ultra white petroleum jelly — one. Or artificial ingredients may or may not be published ) feel dry and cracked lips worse! Now as well… maybe this will help someone else Revlon lipsticks with no beeswax, butter! Sheets telling me what to use bleached beeswax beeswax allergy symptoms it, and bumpy lips like the ’... Causing inflammation around my lips when they were using Burts bees wash to look more into what reacts. Or I get hives on my lips, not knowing that I know it ’ s not the lip,! Runny and itchy on my face the beginning of an ironic twist, I went my. Keep us posted…I hope this article which is very likely the wax used to polish pills with other ailments…... Chapstick with beeswax since that time I had picked up Aquaphor on my lips I posted a while to heal! Lauder Double wear d keep it, she ’ s petroleum based because I know tomato and some mouth! And did a year and I can currently use on your skin is tender at! This blog helped me alot you grow your own ) can cause, huh after... History of allergic contact dermatitis asthma and/or atopic eczema ) have beeswax are... Recently discovered I am desperate for an alternative emulsifier for the past, I it... T sure what else to do ezcema from when she was on my face accross this post! Avoid this to anyone I know…and even beeswax allergy symptoms some folks who make products with anywhere.

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